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Aburi Oshis Sushi (Torched Pressed Sushi)

  • Cali Oshi
    Crab oshi filled with avocado cucumber, masago, topped with honey garlic mayo
  • Ahi Oshi
    Ahi tuna oshi filled with crab tempura, glazed with jalapeno mayo
  • Ebi Oshi
    Shrimp oshi with shiso, pickled ginger, sesame, glazed with yuzu mayo
  • Ebi Ten Oshi
    Tempura prawn oshi filled with avocado, glazed with tempura yuzu jalapeno mayo
  • Una Oshi
    Fresh water eel oshi filled with tamago, cucumer, topped with sweet soy mayo
  • Salmon Oshi
    Atlantic salmon oshi filled with salmon, green onion, tempura bits with spicy pepper mayo
  • Yam Oshi
    Tempura yam oshi filled with banana, mango glazed with honey Thai curry
  • Izumi Oshi
    Snapper oshi filled with avocado, imitation crab with mango mayo


  • BBQ Beef Rib
    2 slices beef rib on skewer
  • Salmon Sticks
    Deep fried panko with chef's mayo
  • Salmon Tempura